Larsor pepper soup spice -100g -sachet



  • Makes your family’s meals tasty and delicious.
  • It brings out the aroma and color to your fried rice and adds a great taste to your Peppersoup.
  • Peppersoup, Sauce, Soup, Porridge, Barbecue, Stock, and other dishes that need West African taste

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Product details

Larsor Peppersoup Seasonings have become dependable partners in most kitchens. Make your family’s meals tasty and delicious with varieties of Larsor Seasonings that include Beef, Chicken, tomato, Peppersoup, Onion, Fish, and Fried Rice seasonings, available in the markets.

Bring home the confidence of great-tasting food, every day and in every dish, with Larson Seasoning. As a brand, we are committed to family and tradition and want to keep our homemakers happy. We understand that value is important; therefore we strive to offer unique taste at an affordable price.

DIRECTION FOR USE: Larsor Peppersoup Seasonings can be used on all culinary dishes like Peppersoup (Beef, Goat, Lamb, Fish), Stew, Rice, Sauce, Soup, Porridge, Barbecue, Stock, and other dishes that need West African taste. Add Larsor to taste while cooking.

INGREDIENTS: West African Spices, Herbs, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, flavor enhancer (E621), Sugar, Salt, and Corn starch.

Larsor is a registered trademark of Tiger Foods Limited and is NAFDAC approved

Once open, transfer to an airtight container and store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, insects, and rodent.


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