Mr Chef Goat Meat Seasoning For Soup & Stew 10g

User Benefits

  • It gives the meal unique and strong aroma and taste of goat even if the actual goat meat is not being used for cooking.

  • It is affordable (cheap), available and economical

  • It can be re-used after opening without changing its form

  • Used for soups, stews, Peppersoup (Goat Meat)

3.99 د.إ

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Mr. Chef Goat Meat Seasoning


  • This unique blend of Goat Meat Mix which gives the dish an appealing aroma and taste of Goat.

  • It is a rich formulation containing a strong beef flavor that gives irresistible taste and aroma to your meals

  • It has a very strong natural aroma of Goat Meat


Cooking Instruction

  • Put all your ingredients into the pot

  • Start cooking all the ingredients.

  • Sprinkle Mr. Chef Goat Meat Seasoning Powder in it for delightful taste and aroma.

  • Stir and simmer until your meal is ready

  • Serve with love and enjoy


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