Ogiri Okpei -50G

Weight: 50g

10.00 د.إ





Ogiri is a food flavoring produced from fermented oil seeds such as egusi seeds.

It has a very strong aromatic smell that sets the whole house on a high pitch.

Perfect for Oha soup, Bitterleaf soup, Ofe-Nsala,


Ogiri is a flavoring made of fermented oil seeds, such as sesame seeds or egusi seeds.

The process and product are similar to iru or douchi. Its smell is like cheese, miso, or stinky tofu.

it is best known in West Africa. It is popular among the Yoruba and Igbo people of Nigeria.

Traditional fermented foods like or help the body produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter
that facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses.
Within the context of digestion, it helps to increase bowel movement and can help reduce constipation.12 Dec 2021