Catfish Pepper Soup Bundle

What is in the Box

Fresh Frozen Catfish

pepper soup Spice

Fresh Scent Leaf

Fresh frozen pepper

Blended Crayfish

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Catfish pepper soup is a spicy fish dish that ranks high among the most exotic delicacies in Nigeria. It is often found and enjoyed in many local bars as well as posh restaurants across the country.

It is famously called “point and kill” because of how the catfish are bought at local markets; you select your desired fish by pointing at it and it is killed and prepared for you.

Our Catfish pepper soup bundle includes all you’ll ever need to prepare and enjoy your favorite catfish recipe.


Catfish pepper soup is a popular Nigerian dish. The hearty dish, which is sometimes known as Point and Shoot is easy to prepare and you can get all of the ingredients in our  food Combo



    1/4 cup Peppersoup spice
    Lemon grass/scent leave (optional)
    1 tbsp. ground crayfish
    5 limes

    2 seasoning cubes

    1 tsp. salt

    1 tsp. ground pepper





    1. Wash your catfish with lime, lemon, salt, or hot water. Once the slime has been removed, place it in a pot.
    2. Add pepper soup spice.
    3. Add some chopped fresh pepper.
    4. Add seasoning cubes and salt for taste. If you have chosen to add lemongrass, or scent leaf to your dish, you may add it now.
    5. Cover the pot and allow to cook-the pepper soup should be ready in 35-50 minutes.

    Optional: Adding chopped onion and yellow pepper will give the dish a special flavor.


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