Cow skin (Ponmo) Kpomo 1kg

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Kanda, Kpomo, or Pomo is the hairy covering of a cow and is popularly known as edible cowskin.

The skin is the largest organ in a cow and serves as its protective covering.


Ponmo or Awo, as it is commonly known in all parts of Nigeria is a cheap protein source sourced from cowhide.

Although there are arguments that this part of meat has little or no nutritional value,

it is very popular in Nigeria, especially among the poor.

At most canteens in Nigeria, or Bukas as they are popularly called, ponmo is often the

cheapest and the most available protein source. Other meats and fish types sell for higher prices.

Mrs. Efe Okoro, who runs a Buka in the Iba area of the state, says ponmo is the favorite meat bought by her customers.


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